The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

The Girl Who Loved Tom GordonThis book revolves around a nine year old girl called Trisha Mcfarland. During a hike with her mother and brother, she decides to stop and take a bathroom leak while her mother and brother are arguing, mainly about their parents' divorce, which Trisha is very fed up of hearing about. When she starts walking again she gets off the trail and is lost in the woods. The rest of the book describes Trisha's survival in the woods, eating checkerberries and nuts and drinking water from the stream while knowing that someone, something, the 'subaudible', is keeping an eye on her and waiting for her to ripen enough before it feasts on her. Most of the time I found this book to be dragging, and felt like the author was trying too hard to make the situation sound scary and introduce fear and suspense, however for some reason it wasn't working for me. More often than not I thought he took too long trying to describe the gory details and wanted him to move on. Not to mention the continuous references to the game of baseball which I didn't get, but that is because I have no idea about baseball and it only seemed like a minor incovenience. The story picked up again near the end when Trisha finally found a road and at that point it got me hooked. I was a little disappointed with this book, I have read a few of King's books and loved them, but this one just didn't seem like it was from the same author. It's enough to say that this book took me about 6 months to complete, albeit that it has only some 300 pages. The story wasn't gripping enough and that made it hard for me to pick it up and continue reading.


Hello there. I have just created 'Book Archive' with the aim to document my thoughts on the books that I read. I have read many books but although I remember what the book was about, somewhere down the road I forget the details and what my views were on the book and all I am left with is a vague idea. I have been meaning to do something like this for a while, but didn't quite know how to implement such a thing. I recently started blogging and have been finding it quite fun, so I thought why not create a blog and post my thoughts on the books I read on it?

I don't expect that anyone would be reading this blog, I am mainly doing it for me, but I am actually writing this intro in case someone stumbles across my blog and wonders what is the purpose of such blog.

I will be posting my first book review shortly, I have been waiting to finish a book to start the blog and this is the time. Don't expect that I will be posting a book review every day, not even every week probably. I won't be reading more than usual just to update the blog, but when I finish a book I will be sure to write about it here. On the right hand side you can see which books I am currently reading, and essentially the books that I will be reviewing next !

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