Anybody Out There?


Anna is in Dublin staying with her parents while she recovers from some serious injuries, however her mind is back home in New York. At first what happened to Anna is a mystery, with the occasional mention of her husband Aidan who doesn't seem to be around anymore. When she moves back to New York the story starts unveiling through Anna's painful thoughts. She tries to appear as everything is fine but in reality she is willing to do anything to hear from Aidan, even lose her glamorous job as a PR for a makeup line. While Anna is learning to deal with the truth she also discovers something that she never expected. At first this made her furious at Aidan however in the end it turned out to be what she needed to move on and the closest to Aidan she could get now that he is gone.

This is the first book I have read from the unofficial "Walsh Sister Series" by Marian Keyes. At times it does get sad but I also loved the humor in this book. I am really liking Keye's style and can't wait to read the other books in this series to get to know the other sisters' stories. All in all it's a relaxing read with an interesting story.