The Magician

Set in Bohemian Paris, Arthur and his fiancee Margaret are planning their marriage and forthcoming life together. That is until Oliver Haddo walks into the picture and turns their uneventful lives upside down. Based on the black magician Aleister Crowley, Haddo is sinister, repulsive and spiteful, which makes him by far the most interesting character in the book. After being physically assaulted by Arthur for upsetting Margaret, Haddo takes revenge by making Margaret fall in love with him. She leaves Arthur and elopes with the magician, unknowing of what her future life with Haddo will be like. When Arthur sees Margaret again, she is not the same sweet girl that he knew but she looks troubled and sick. Arthur is determined to save the girl from Haddo's evil powers, which in the end unravels the dreadful work of the magician and what he dedicated his life to. When I started reading this book it was slow and dull, I was having a hard time staying interested until the turn of events where it picked up and became quite gripping. As the story unfolds it becomes dark and full of suspense, however the ending left me with too many questions which makes it hard for me to decide whether I liked this book or not.